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Here's the introduction from my e-book:


All the knowledge known to mankind is stored in the Internet in one way or another.  Thus, knowing the secrets from this book means harnessing the cosmic power of the Internet.  If you will continue to read this book, you must promise to yourself that you will use your knowledge only for the good of mankind.

Let me introduce myself to you.  I am an Internet researcher who really loved to diligently search and smartly research.  The header name the Sage refers to my name Periander because it was taken from one of the Seven Sages (Wise Men) of ancient Greece (700 B.C.).

I am going to reveal to you my seventh (7th) secrets in this e-book: the Sage secrets on finding anything on the Internet.

This is the ultimate e-book on searching the web and beyond.  This is an encyclopedia of Internet searching.  All the tips and techniques of elite researchers and even of notorious hackers can be found here.  

I will teach you the secret methods of finding anything on the web and Internet such as maps, unavailable websites, songs, comics, e-books, music, movies, games, photos, topics/subjects, news, videos, open source apps, magazines, articles, compressed files, useful websites, job directories, softwares, thesis, dissertation, documents, mobile files, RSS, spreadsheets, people/place/celeb info, presentations, editable files, telephone numbers, useful websites, tutorials, multimedia, etc. to serve as helpbook or manual to anyone who want to find something he or she wants on the Internet. 

But I have also revealed here how to find ftp, passwords, hidden files, e-mails, classified files, parent directories, site map, site statistics, web analysis, database, etc. to serve as strong warning to anyone who will try to hide his or her secret info or files on the web.  If you upload anything on the web, even if you hide it, it can be found, time will tell.

I.T. experts must be aware of this e-book so that they can make security measure to protect the websites of their clients.  Server owners must take the necessary programs to secure their main servers, proxy servers, IP address, etc.

Most hackers have already known this fact but they just keep silent to continue their vulnerability attacks to their innocent victims.  This e-book will serve as a whistle blower to all.

In this e-book I will teach you the supreme formula of web searching which I have learned from white hat hackers.  The one formula that can unlock all the secrets of the Internet: the Sage Web-Search Formula.  In other words, this book is priceless.

The great white and black brotherhood (the big brothers) of the cyberspace will surely hate me in writing this book.  Many commercial authorities will do anything to ban this book.  But as I have said in my disclaimers, I take no responsibility in the usage of this e-book because this is written for the purpose of informing the general public of the unlimited power of the Internet.  It is not my intention to abuse or misuse it.  It is up to you just stay legal, sane, ethical, and simple.



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